Week 27

Sitting down to blog

baby is the size of a head of lettuce

(Time jump: 3 weeks virtual time)

The holiday season was brutal with this belly! I couldn’t find a thing to wear that didnt make me feel like a blimp. All of my clothes are too small. Luckily, Oso leaves his card for me to use when I need to. So I bought new clothes and now I’m feeling more comfy.

This is the last day of my second trimester and I can say that I feel like I could run a marathon. I’ve been learning all I can about how to birth a baby. May I be blunt and say holy sh#t! I’m terrified and for good reason. Im supposed to push a watermelon from a cheerio. Being a vampire never felt so good. I would certainly die.

Chuckling softly while taking sip from my glass

Ok, I may be being a bit over the top with the last part. But come on, I’m sure it feels like you’re being ripped end to end. Which from my vampiric escapades I know doesn’t feel great. I know I can handle it though.

Licking my fangs of the satisfying crimson liquid

I got blood macaroons! They were shipped from France where my husband went for a business meeting. Again, Im not sure how he finds these things but boy am I one grateful mummy. The buttery texture and rich blood taste makes my buds so happy. Not to mention, our bean loves them too.

Three more months til baby Ochoa is here! Stay tuned!!!

Weeks 23-24

Baby is the size of a grapefruit (week 23) Cantaloupe (week 24)

Drink up!

Relaxing myself against the banister, sipping my newfound favorite from it’s transparent pouch

I got a special delivery today! My honey sent me cases of O+ cherry virgin pouches from some place in Japan. I must say that it is quite delicious. The blood is 100% pure, none of the watered down mess I find in many of these places. For a wolf who doesn’t hunt, he sure knows how to find blood. I guess that would be required due to his lineage.

I’ve come to terms with not having a doctor. My husband is away making my lavish life possible and I refuse to go see any person that needs to touch me if my husband isnt there. I was born over 200 years ago. I’ve watched a lot of births in my time and as a vampire I have a bit of an advantage. Of course Im being very optimistic. I do want to see my child. I do want to know if its ok. But I don’t want to do all those things without Oso here with me.

Sipping from the pouch once more. The contents warming my body in mere minutes. Slowly I placed my hand on my belly, rubbing gently over the extended curve with a smile on my lips

I’m sure my bean is doing well though. It kicks like opening day on the soccer field and I feed 5-6 times a day. With food 2-3 times a day. I must say, human food has no taste. It’s like eating nothing.

Anywho..the holidays are upon us which is why I’ve posted two weeks in one post. Lots of things to do during the bustle of jingle bells and ho ho ho’s. I’m sure Ill have something before the actual Holiday is here though. Until then, merry holidays to you and yours! Stay tuned.

22 weeks

baby is the size of a coconut

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you can think of nothing else? I’m sure you have, so you understand where I am now. I feel like I’ll not see my baby until its born. Nothing is going right in the way of my doctor who’s taking the next month off for the holidays. She did suggest finding an ultrasound clinic. Maybe I will just to give myself a piece of mind. I’m just very frustrated. My husband is away on business and it seems as if my doctor isn’t worried at all because I’m vampire demi goddess. But I’m very worried. This is my first child and if I couldn’t hear its heart beating every minute of every day, I’d flip my shit. With all of this in mind, I decided to shoot a couple pictures while out shopping today. I can’t wait until my husband is home. I also can’t wait until my child is here so I can know its safe.

Bath time with Bean

My phone floating in front of me as I try my best to type with wet hands. My concentration had to remain mostly on the phone or it would fall into the water so I had to re type a lot of words

The gift Athena sent arrived earlier today and I can honestly say that I am entirely full. I’ve not felt this stuffed since before I became pregnant.  I must say, ot was the best tasting blood I’ve drank in all my 200+ years. After my drink I decided on a bath to soothe myself and my little nugget. We enjoy such a calming time and since bean now has reflexes, I enjoy a little poke to my belly just to feel my baby push back.

Scoffing at how long it had taken me to type those few sentences

Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a boy? I know I should just want healthy but come on, every mum hopes at one point. Of course I want a healthy baby. Every mum does. But a tiny Oso sounds like the most wonderful gift. Either gender is a gift. But you know what I mean. I’m just keeping it one hundred. A daughter should be second so she can have her brother to protect her. A son can be next in line for the crown.

The thought of my child ruling Cejan didn’t taste right.

My child being next in line is a dangerous fact. Nobody in Cejan knows I am pregnant. They have high hopes for a human monarchy if I were to ever be killed. But a child, my child..that would ensure my bloodline would rule for all of time. This is why nobody knows I am with child. Only my lady, Trudy. Who you know has been with me since before birth. She loves this child as if she made it herself. Nobody else knows. They would try all they could to kill me and my child. My precious baby.

My blood ran hot and the water began to boil around me while the walls rattled softly

I’d kill them all. I would personally make sure that every single part of their bloodline is no more. The fact that they could in fact kill my baby weighed heavy on my shoulders. Being even partly human is a risk. A risk that just occurred to me. Yes it would be 25% wolf, 25% vampire. But it would also be 25% human and only 10% witch and 10% demi with 5% of whatever comes with the DNA. Yes I did the math to better understand what my child will have to overcome. What power would it have? Is there anything that I can do to ensure that it gets certain gifts?

Closing my eyes while stroking my belly. My Bean pushing against my movements. I smiled softly and let myself enjoy the special time. The keys typing as they became thoughts in my mind.

I won’t let it stress me. Im going to get lost in this soothing bath. Stay tuned!

Week 21

baby is the size of an endive

Have you ever tried to stretch a pair of jeans over a melon? How’d that work out? For me it doesn’t work so well. It’s a very tight fit. Speaking of tight, I’ve been getting these cramps in my stomach and since my doctor is never available, I’ve had to read books to tell me that they are contractions. The on call nurse says not to worry. Even with a high risk pregnancy, it’s normal to go through these pre-contractions. Still, my doctor not being available like ever makes me want to find a new doctor. Im so far along in my pregnancy that Im afraid nobody will take me. It’s hard enough finding a doctor being that I’m vampire. I’ve gained 15 pounds so far and Im expecting around 10 more to be added. Though Im not sure where it will go. That wont stop me from feeding though. I grow hungrier by the day and my thirst isn’t easily satisfied. Good thing I have a delivery from Olympus. Athena saw how hard it’s been for me and showed pity. I can’t wait for it to get here because Im simply famished. Off I got to shop online for our little hungry bun. Stay tuned!

Week 20

baby is the size of a banana

I’m honestly not in the mood. I’ve been grumpy pants all week. I think it’s because I cant get comfy when I do anything aside from eating. Also because my doctor rescheduled at the last minute and I was really looking forward to seeing my baby. Ah well, better luck next time. We did manage to get a checkup with the midwife though. Im 128 pounds and bean is getting close to a whole pound. I’m measuring right on target for 19 weeks and 6 days. We are half way there. Stay tuned!

Week 19

baby is the size of a mango

I know I said a couple of weeks ago that shit is getting real..but shit is getting really real!

I’m on the last day of my 19th week and I’m highly irritated with life right now. Baby Ochoa is making it quite uncomfortable to do everything. I crave the hunt of a good human to gash open and drink until I can’t move. Nothing seems to ease my hunger. Not even the human I created just so I could be full all the time. But, I managed to kill her. So here I am, laying on the couch wanting O+ flavored ice cream. Is that too much to ask for? Is it? I’ll write about our checkup tomorrow. I want to lay here and wallow in my sadness. Stay tuned!